The Pre-K box contains:
1 Workbook
1 Reader Book
10 Picture Books
2 Pack of 52 colourful flash cards

Alpha Sonic Pre-K (Nursery) Phonics Kit serves as a comprehensive, unique and easy program that enables your 2-4 year old to have a clear understanding of sounds of alphabets from A to Z . Alphasonic uses all the dimensions to make the journey of sounds interesting.

The main idea behind this program is to make learning fun and to introduce children to various sounds of the letters, using various means. The Workbook and Reader contains creative and engaging activities which facilitates the learning process at early years. Each Pack of flash cards has 52 capital letters and 52 small letters with
which various interactive and educational games that can be played. It’s a complete set where the child acquires both reading and pre-writing skills. Parent can bond with their child by using this Kit it has a set of 10 picture reading books which are classy and uplifts the imagination of children. These Picture Books improves the comprehension skills and helps in word building when the parent interacts with these books with the child. We assure that by the end of the PreK your child will be able to learn more than 300 words.

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